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Supply Chain Surges and Shortages


The Headlines Shaping Global Supply Chains

Exiger, a global leader in supply chain risk management software solutions, called on our experts to curate the most important June supply chain headlines--and what they mean for the coming months. Topping the list:

  • China’s economy, in the throes of unanticipated deflation, is casting warning signs for the global economy – with concern for market contagion from affected sectors, and even questions of whether China could suffer its own “Lehman Brothers moment.”

  • Drought and receding water levels across continents and hemispheres are again impacting global trade.

  • The UAW gears up for what could be a massive American labor strike on September 15th.

  • BRICS’ invitation of six new emerging market nations into its economic alliance, coupled with a spate of Russia-aligned coups in Western Africa, betray an accelerating shift toward a multipolar world order.

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